Adventure Suites

One summer day me and my family were staying our first night at Adventure Suites in the cave! The moment I walked in I heard the baboom of the music. It was so exciting! Before I went to bed I got to take a glorious water fall shower. Then I went to bed.  The cozy green mattress was super duper cuddly. The next day I got to go into the sparkling water of the

Riding a Roller Coaster

I am standing in a long, crowded line. I look around me. It’s super busy. My stomach has butterflies. I can’t wait to ride the TERROR of FLIGHT! I’m getting closer. Then I hear the click clack sounds of the tracks and the ear-splitting screams of the riders.  The riders get off and it’s my turn! “Holy cow! It’s more massive then I thought!” I tell my dad. Dad and I quickly choose car number 4. It’s smack dab in the middle.

The coaster slowly click-clacks climbing up the mammoth hill. “CLANK CLANK CLANK!” The coaster roars. Then I see what we are about to go down! There are loopy loops and barrel rolls that look like corkscrews! All of a sudden, WOOSH, ZOOM, and AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I feel like I’m going to puke and toss my cookies!

Just then, the coaster jerks to a stop. SHRIEK! Dad and I dizzly walk off.  I turn to Dad and say, “Let’s go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Camp Lincoln Nature Walk

“Yay woo hoo!” My friend Chloe and I exclaimed. It was a school day but I was on a fun filled field trip to Camp Lincoln. When we got there, one of the activities we did was a nature walk.  To me it was super exciting. Here is my list of questions I was thinking about for the nature walk:

  1. What are we going to do on the nature walk?
  2. Will we study the plants?
  3. Where will we write in our writer’s notebook?
  4.  Where are we going to walk?

But little did I know that all of my questions would be answered soon. First what we did was draw out all the plants that we were going to collect for our delicious and scrumptious nature mint tea that we would be making on the nature trail. After we drew out plants we all gathered in a large group. We started down the nature trail!

” Oh, oh, oh,” said Birch, AKA a counselor.

“What what is it?” every kid wanted to know.

Birch said, “Well it seems that I have found an Indian Cucumber. Come and I will show you how to pick one. First what you do is dig a little hole around it. Then what you do is carefully pull it out. And then you actually eat the root.”

We had so much FUN on the rest of the hike to the point! When we got to the point we had a chance to write in our writers notebook! After that we drank the tea that we made! Then we went back to the pavilion! We had such a fun time at Camp Lincoln!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!